Our goal is to create a successful partnership with our clients throughout the design and construction process. Check out what others are saying about us:

"Staples Construction Company worked with Ramon Garcia on the Charles Street Terrace project in Moorpark, CA.  While working with RGSE, Inc. Structural, Ramon’s company, we experienced a unique team approach to the project.  Ramon always worked with us on the actual means and methods relating to unique structural details which needed solutions vs. re-engineering the structural components.  We were able to accomplish construction tasks quickly and efficiently when we called upon RGSE, Inc. Structural for any structural clarifications."

"It was a pleasure to work with Ramon and his company on this project and we look forward to working with RGSE, Inc. Structural in the near future.  His expert advice contributed to the project’s success."

 -Tracy Niemeyer
Director of Construction

"Currently I am running the project located in Riverpark for Aldersgate Investment LLC.  Prior to this I was the Director of Construction for DR Horton Ventura County.  I have worked with many Structural Engineers over the past 25 years and I want to commend you and recommend you to anybody looking for an Engineer.  You have been very responsive and extremely quick with any questions we have concerning our buildings.  Please feel free to give my name and contact information as a reference."

-Michael T. Wagemann
Project Manager

"In 2004 I remodeled my 16,000 sq. ft. unreinforced masonry retail building in Ventura, CA. Ramon worked with my Architect and the city engineers for the structural analysis required to bring the building up to code for 'A3' occupancy which included extensive work to the roof membrane, design of new moment frames, grade beams, shear walls, and a new balcony structure. His analysis was accurate, thorough, and timely. His ingenuity enabled me to save a great deal of expense in construction. He responded quickly to my needs and those of my Architect. I like to work with people who perform, and I am planning to use Ramon to help me upgrade another building this year."

-Robert M. Gurfield
Building Owner

"Ramon Garcia is the structural engineer on a Historic Renovation Project downtown Los Angeles. He has been extremely helpful by being responsive; to Requests of Information in a timely manner, responsive; to field observations as required, knowledgeable; especially with Division 88 structural & City requirements, creative; given existing field conditions and most important to the Owner Cost Conscious."

-Kip Kibler
Project Manager

"We are in the final weeks of completing the historical renovation at Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles. The church was designed in 1927 by legendary Architect Paul Williams so the task to keep as much of the original structure in tact was a great challenge. Being an unreinforced masonry building, the responsibility was placed on Ramon Garcia our Engineer of Record, to pull the new design from our Architect and match it with the original structure. This was pulled off without a hitch and without changing the original look of the structure. As a Project Engineer, I am in constant contact with design teams and Ramon has been a team member that was quick to respond. When working on such an old structure, you never know what is below the surface. Ramon has always found a timely answer to our questions and within our construction budget. it has been a pleasure working with Ramon and I hope our paths will cross again."

-David Pulliam
Project Engineer

"Just thought I'd send a note of complement to you regarding your thoughtfulness and prompt attention to the issues that came up with our all steel structure here at the shopping center. As we all know, the structural issues on a building like this are always complex, and resolving these issues in a timely manner was an important part of the success of my project."

-David Evans
Project Manager

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Ramon of RGSE on a new 20,000 sq. ft. masonry Medical and Urgent Care Facility. From the initial point of contact RGSE conducted themselves as professionals, quickly answering out questions, facilitating our needs, and working closely with the project superintendent to bring our project to completion on time and within our budget. We would like to encourage you to consider RGSE for your next project and all of your Structural Engineering needs."

-Matthew Spencer
Project Manager


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